Black History Month

So, hello again. It’s been a while, I know…

In honor of Black History month this February – I will share some of the book I am reading. And so far I have read some amazing ones:

Check Out:


A great graphic novel account of Congressman John Lewis’s experience of civil rights and justice.


A transforming look at the true story behind the Triple Nickles who were America’s first black paratroopers


A new age spin on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet tale with a cast of diverse characters.

It’s Been A Little While, Hasn’t It?

Okay, by now writers know the deal – life gets busier than usual sometimes, especially when you’re trying to use every spare minute you get to write for your book instead of for your blog. Not to mention if you have a bill-paying, lovable full-time job! So, hello again:-)!

quote1 I’ve had this quote that I’ve wanted to share for a while now:


And on another note, with the growing anxiety of sleeplessness and heavy thinking, I came to conclude/wonder a few  mornings ago when it was still dark outside and I couldn’t fall back to sleep:

My brain is like an energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going and going (always planning things, even in sleep mode)  – I wonder, is this behavior akin to the brain of a writer? Or am I just naturally, endlessly, and perhaps a bit insanely thoughtful?

Hmmm… ponder, scratch head, ponder some more…

Operation Teen Book Drop/Rock the Drop 2013

April 18, 2013, is Support Teen Literature Day! Consider dropping YA titles for lucky readers to discover in various public areas. Go to the Readergirlz website to print bookplates to include with your book donation.


In addition to dropping books for teens to discover, you are encouraged to donate books to 826NYC:

Donate books to 826NYC:
attn: Joan Kim
c/o: readergirlz Rock the Drop 372 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215

Writing Prompts…

Okay, so in my last post I attempted to start a monthly writing prompts. But with all the projects I have going on currently, I realized that was not such a great idea, regardless of how I love such creativity!

As you other writers with fulltime jobs know, it’s hard enough finding time to work on projects. Each minute should be savored effectively as much as possible. To that point, I’ve decided to go back to my normal – post as necessary since this is easier with time demands. In the meantime, if you do like writing prompts check out these sites:

Writer’s Digest’s Your Story Competition

Creative Writing Prompts

Poet & Writers’ writing prompts exercises

Writing prompt generator

Hurting Feet or Dying Shoes?

So, I was working finding material for the teen web page for my day job and got the idea to start a monthly interactive writing promt. So, starting today, here goes:

You are a shoe bought by a lady whose feet are too big to fit your curves. Describe the scene when she first wears you…


This should be fun! I’ll be back with my own post later.

Transformed is Here!!!

Hey guys:


Even though my debut YA novel is here, there’s still a lot of work to be done – like marketing and preparing for cover/edit costs for the next book in the series. Self publishing sometimes get a bad rap for being poorly done and most times this is due to low funding for the project.

I want to continue the streak of providing high quality materials to my readers so I’ve started a campaign to raise funds. You can help out by contributing and spreading the word! See more info by clicking here.


Happy Writing for 2013!


Happy 2013 writer folks! And what a busy start of the year it has been! I’ve barely had a chance to have some time to myself – needless to say that my writing had taken a stand still. Until now, that is. I’m back to inserting writing into my routine:

  • on my train ride to/from work
  • during lunch breaks
  • throughout various times at home.

As you continue to write as well, I hope you’ll find great inspiration throughout your days to construct meaningful writing. Remember that developing a routine helps, but if that’s difficult for you to do, try to bring a notebook with you at all times to write down anything that comes to mind. And remember, there are different parts of the writing process that count:

  • taking research notes
  • people watching and jotting down movements/action
  • listening in on conversations to gather information for character traits/personalities
  • watching movies to determine how plot lines are connected
  • having a conversation with someone else in the role of your characters to see how a scene plays out
  • anything else you find helpful that you want to share?

(image taken from google images)

Resources For the Self-Publisher

With self-publishing such a hot trend right now, I thought I would share some great resources that self-publishers can use throughout the whole process. From ebook conversion, to book printing  and distribution, and much more, check out these resources for the self-publisher.

Transformed FREE giveaway!!!

Hey There!

In celebration of my soon to be released YA debut Transformed, I figured I’d do a FREE giveaway! Yeah!

Simply fill out the form below to be entered to win a signed galley of Transformed. Winner will be notified by mid-November. Good luck!