A Jumbled Mess

The wastebasket is a writer’s best friend.  ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

As I’m going over what hopefully will become my final draft of the book, I’m looking back at a time when I thought everything was so jumbled up I would never actually be able to separate the junk from the good stuff. Actually, every writer won’t necessarily go through this phase of crisis that I went through with this particular book. One of the main reasons it happened to me was because the thoughts and ideas I started with for the book emerged into so many different aspects along the way. I began in first person, then totally changed to third person, which, let me tell you, is a lot of work to fix – especially if you have actually written a good bit already. Additionally, characters I started with phased out and didn’t seem so important to the story anymore so I had to get rid of them. Simultaneously, the roles of some characters who stayed changed and had to be adjusted accordingly.

So, drafts can be a big pain, but I’m proof that there is hope. Looking back in comparison to where the book is today, I am so excited and hopeful. Of course there are things that can be done to avoid my experience all together, but sometimes when ideas are coming at you more than you can consume, it’s hard to organize well enough. Working with an outline is one way to stay organized, although for some reason, I don’t quite do so well working with one. When I do have an outline, it’s pretty, basic nothing intense. I do find it helpful though, to jot down notes and new findings along the way that I can refer back to as I write.

So have no fear, your writing will become clear!

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