Writing Groups

Writing groups can be quite valuable during the writing process. Positive results may include:

  • Support from being around other writers
  • Necessary feedback, if needed
  • Setting dedicated time to write
  • Networking with other in the writing field
  • Making valuable friendships that can last over time

I’m a member of a couple of writing groups, and I love the advantages they offer. Yet, it’s still a challenge just to participate. I find it hard to travel an hour or more just to meet with a writing group to write for an hour to then travel back another hour to get home. And yet, there are no convenient writer’s group in my area, nor are there any convenient places to start my own writing group.

If, like me, you are having trouble finding a convenient writing group to attend, her are some tips that may be helpful to you:

  • Squidoo – I came across this website that gives an overview of various online groups.
  • Review Fuse – This seems like a cool site to get and give feedback. I just opened an account to check it out.
  • Writers Cafe – Similar to review fuse, plus extras.

I haven’t quite checked out in details the links above so browse around carefully before committing to sign up.

Until next time, keep writing, as I’m about to do now…

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