Well, I’ve completed the second draft of my novel. Yah me! But the journey is not yet over. I’m about to begin the process of my third draft where I’ll put some things into perspective, build on some plot points, fine tune some characters, etc. I’m not quite looking forward to this. My journey of writing this book has been a very chaotic and unorganized one – which thus has led me to this point of third drafting. Yet, I’m happy to say I have the story as a whole done.

This goes to show that in the process of writing things aren’t always fine-tuned and together. In fact many writers start writing at the end, that is the very last chapter! I one heard an author talk about writing a novel and then completely deleting the finished product and start again from scratch! Imagine that. Anyway, I have started looking for an agent, and I look forward to the continuing journey ahead.