The Query

Since it’s such an important aspect of the writing process, I thought I’d say a few words about writing a query letter.

So, what is a query letter anyway? It’s pretty much your first impression! It’s what introduces you and your work to a potential agent or editor representative. And what do most people say about first impressions? That’s right – they last! So make it count.

The basic format of a query should be:

  • Specific salutation for the person being queried.
  • A one sentence “hook” saying what your book is about and how long it is.
  • A detailed paragraph of the books summary, possible marketability, and what makes it different form the rest.
  • A brief and concise paragraph about yourself and your qualifications in regards to your writing project.
  • Close in gratitude.

Be sure to research and follow the strict instructions for each agency or individual being queried. While some may say include ten pages, others may want to see the whole manuscript. Here are a few different takes on writing and formatting the query letter:

Agent Query

Charlotte Dillon


Nathan Bransford

Query Letters – AGH!

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