The Self Publisher’s Book Cover

Hey guys! Ever wondered about book covers? Well, if you thought about self publishing, or publishing at all, then it has most likely crossed your mind. Well, let me tell you from the perspective of my Librarian profession and my avid reader self, book covers are quite the rave! They have the power to draw potential readers or have people hold up a cross and run away like they’re vampires from a bad dream.

So, how do you find the right cover artist?

Mmmm, good question! I’d say start by browsing your local library for books that relate to your story. Look at various cover designs and do more research on the artists by visiting their websites and looking at more of their works. Contact them and ask questions!

With the rise of self-publishing, and those publishers wanting to make their works more professional, book cover designs have become increasingly expensive. Don’t despair! You may find you have a creative knack and want to try making your own cover (warning – if you are not into the arts and technology, this may not be your best option!) But if you want to try I found some resources you can check out:

Also, I recently came across this site called Elance, where you can have various designers bid to work on your book cover. I’m sure there are other similar sites out there as well.