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Hey There!

I thought I’d do a post on e-publishing resources since it’s such a hot topic right now, and probably will be for a while. So, I’ve been looking around at various resources and I found these to be informational and resourceful:

With eBook publishing picking up so nicely there are many different companies popping up all over the web. Be sure to extensively research any company you plan to do business with to make sure they are stable enough and have the types of services you are looking for. to help more in regards to what you should look for if you’re considering e-publishing or even POD self- publishing check out ParaPublishing.

Have any more ideas not mentioned here? Please share them in the comments! Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Electronic Publishing Resources

  1. Hi Nicola,
    I’d like to invite you to check out eBookIt.com, and include us among the shared resources. We provide ebook conversion (formatting done exclusively by our US-based team of formatting specialists) and we make the book available to retailers like Amazon, BN.com, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Reader Store, Google Play, Ingram Digital. Our conversions from a Word doc are $149, and $249 from a PDF. We also offer Print on Demand (POD) and audiobook creation w/ professional voice over artists– and audio download distribution through Audible.com. Feel free to contact me directly w/ any questions about our services!

  2. Booktango is a relative newcomer, but it’s where I would start – they think authors deserve 100% of royalties! Authors earn the full list price of any e-book sold through their bookstore, and if the e-book sells through a different online retailer, the author still gets 100 percent of NET royalties.

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