Happy Writing for 2013!


Happy 2013 writer folks! And what a busy start of the year it has been! I’ve barely had a chance to have some time to myself – needless to say that my writing had taken a stand still. Until now, that is. I’m back to inserting writing into my routine:

  • on my train ride to/from work
  • during lunch breaks
  • throughout various times at home.

As you continue to write as well, I hope you’ll find great inspiration throughout your days to construct meaningful writing. Remember that developing a routine helps, but if that’s difficult for you to do, try to bring a notebook with you at all times to write down anything that comes to mind. And remember, there are different parts of the writing process that count:

  • taking research notes
  • people watching and jotting down movements/action
  • listening in on conversations to gather information for character traits/personalities
  • watching movies to determine how plot lines are connected
  • having a conversation with someone else in the role of your characters to see how a scene plays out
  • anything else you find helpful that you want to share?

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Editing Wizard


We all know that editing is a very biiiiig part of the writing process. A couple of weeks ago, one of the blogs I follow, Caribbean Book Blog, wrote a post on an editing wizard called Autocrit. Well, today I tried it out for the first time, and I’m impressed! As a guest I was limited to analyzing only 500 words of my manuscript, but I was able to get results for overused words, sentence variation, and clichés & redundancies. While I may not use every recommendation given, I liked the word overuse section because it really gave me a look at just how many times I was using particular words.

Becoming a member of Autocrit gives more freedoms like analyzing more words at a time and emailing an analyzed report. I’m definitely considering membership for at least a year. Not to say that this wizard can replace a personal editor, but I believe it can be a good addition to analyze my own work as a writer even before the editor sees the completed manuscript. Check it out and tell me what you think!

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Well, I’ve completed the second draft of my novel. Yah me! But the journey is not yet over. I’m about to begin the process of my third draft where I’ll put some things into perspective, build on some plot points, fine tune some characters, etc. I’m not quite looking forward to this. My journey of writing this book has been a very chaotic and unorganized one – which thus has led me to this point of third drafting. Yet, I’m happy to say I have the story as a whole done.

This goes to show that in the process of writing things aren’t always fine-tuned and together. In fact many writers start writing at the end, that is the very last chapter! I one heard an author talk about writing a novel and then completely deleting the finished product and start again from scratch! Imagine that. Anyway, I have started looking for an agent, and I look forward to the continuing journey ahead.